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Is your studio in a house or a real commercial facility?

We are a professional studio and not in a house. We are in a 1500 square foot building. There are way too many home project studios advertising as professional studios. We understand your concern with not wanting to go to someone's house to record. This is what we do full-time. We work when you want to work night or day.

How much will my project cost, and how much time will it take?

It is very hard to estimate how much time and money a project will cost. We do not know how in depth you want to get in mixing a recording or how good the band is playing. It is best to call and discuss the project with one of the engineers to get a rough estimate on your project.

Will my band get free set up time?

Usually not. When your band is setting up, the engineer will be working setting up microphones or a computer template for you and he doesn't want to work for free.

Do you offer internships or jobs?

Nightsky Studios is taking on a new Internship Policy. Due to lack of dedication and punctuality in some of our past interns, the studio will now follow in line of what most other studios are now doing at this time. A six month internship at Nightsky Studios will now cost $1000. We have researched this extensively and found that the studios that do it this way tend to weed out the interns that are just at the studio for leisure. We are looking for interns that are there to learn and help not just sit back and go to sleep or not show up. This is BY FAR the best schooling you can get and it is 1 on 1 with tons of hands on. So before you look at the price remember that schooling at any institution will cost thousands more. Internships at working studios are very valuable and look great on your resume. We will only be taking 1 intern for every six month period so they can work as much as they like. The Studio generally runs 5 to 7 days a week. This is a first come first serve position. Minor Pro tools and other experience are preferred but not entirely necessary if you are good at learning quickly. Any interested parties should contact Ron Vento at [email protected], also visit the web site at

What type of music do you do?

It would be very hard to find a style of music that we haven't recorded. We do it all. Feel free to call to set up times to hear samples of our work.

Do we have to bring our own instruments?

When you book the studio you are getting the engineer and the studio as well as all of our recording gear. As far as instruments, you are more than welcome to use our in house amps, guitars, bass, keyboards cabinets etc. It is all included in the hourly fee. The only thing we charge extra for is the use of our drum kit. Due to the wear and tear of drum heads we charge $25 per session to use the drum kit.