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Ron Vento
Ron has been involved in music and the music industry for over 25 years. He began playing music at the age of 12 and began recording music at the age of 16. He graduated with honors from the Atlanta Institute of Music at the age of 19. Since that time he has worked at numerous recording studios, music stores, and live sound companies before starting his own commercial studio over 12 years ago. He has released 9 albums of his own with two recording contracts / labels as well as producing albums for many different bands in many different genres, while continuing to work with major label and independent artists alike. His studio and independent columns have been featured in major recording magazines such as EQ, Mix, and TapOp. His studio also acts as an educational venue to the College of Southern Maryland where he teaches courses in live sound and recording.

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Alexander Steele
Alexander has been involved with various forms of music composition and live performances for nearly two decades. As a 12 year old with a guitar and a 4-track Tascam, Alex felt the sky was the limit and a passion was born. Several years and a (regionally) touring bands later, Alex moved to Boston, where he studied physics at Harvard University. Harvard was fantastic, but his passion of writing, performing, and recording music beckoned. He dropped out of Harvard in his 3rd year and ended up at FullSail University, where he graduated (nearly) top of his class, earning a B.S. in recording Arts.Since working at Nightsky he has recorded local and national acts alike. Alex has grown fond of more than just recording music; Just about anything involving audio does the trick: Film post-production, Sound design for video games, Recording podcasts and audiobooks, Audio Programming (C#, Python) And so much more…